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Aaaand after more than 2 weeks, here's my contribution pics to the Manika Manila Tiangge XD. With so many dorrie stuff on sale, I spend more of my time buying stuff than actually taking pictures!
Aiming to buy things for Hisame, I ended up buying a couple for my other two absent darlings as well. ^^

I think I'm on lazy-mode right now if you don't see too much captions around here. @.@

Anyways, here are a couple of shots firing at you now XD

The Mistula Roadies Joey and Rey, back again after a long time. XDXDXD

Some of the dorrie merchs on display.

Mistula, finally making their appearance after so long. I miss them very muchly. <3

A few shots from different angles.


....is clearly enjoying........

......every moment.......

.........he flitted around the area XDXDXD

Moar Manx and Lugosi.

This time, joined by Ichigo --- naturally gravitating to Mistula's feral band member.

Here's Jared and li'l cutie <3

Ricci's crew (with a disemboweled head in the middle O.o)

And here are Nix's dorries (with a couple of guests).

And a couple more.......

And for one final shot: my little fluffball with Uno X3X3X3

Aaaand some of the stuff I bought (which is, surprisingly, a few O.o). Too bad MSD is the smallest size available for the Mistula shirt. I would have snagged another if there's a YoSD size ^^.
I'm planning to post Ree, Eerie, and Hisame wearing some of the stuff I bought later on.

Thanks for looking!

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