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Signature! XDXDXD

From left to right: Reaiah, Eremiel, Hisame, (unnamed CP Delf El head), (unnamed AS Charm Rebus LE head)

I'll be leaving the unsized version here for now. And to let a bittie teaser.......one of the grayed-out dorries at the right side will eventually come to life. I leave up to you to guess who XD
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In addition to some of pics I posted yesterday from the last MM Tiangge, my resin crew is back together again. And this time, modelling some of the stuff bought from the event itself.
Sooo, without further ado......

New dorrie stuff spammage ahead >>>>>>> )
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Aaaand after more than 2 weeks, here's my contribution pics to the Manika Manila Tiangge XD. With so many dorrie stuff on sale, I spend more of my time buying stuff than actually taking pictures!
Aiming to buy things for Hisame, I ended up buying a couple for my other two absent darlings as well. ^^

I think I'm on lazy-mode right now if you don't see too much captions around here. @.@

Anyways, here are a couple of shots firing at you now XD

More tiangge shots ahead >>> )
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Based on LJ's official statement about the spreading rumors of them "canceling" Paid Accounts next year as well as a couple of questionable features:
.....looks like the word "paid account" is the one that gets to be renamed regarding standard accounts who want to have extra features.

Hmmm, from their descriptions and my current account status, does this mean that I become a "Premium/Elite" holder when the time of change comes?

Sweet!!! XDXDXD
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With all the scarce around regarding LJ having a lot of major screw-ups, I've decided to mirror my LJ entries into a Dreamwidth account just to be sure I preserve all of 'em (well, most of them because I couldn't see the comments made by friends and visitors being imported......damn >.<).

And yeah, for the curious, here's my Dreamwidth account: [personal profile] darknessfatale 

But while LJ is still working, I'll still be here XDXDXD
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I admit.
Looking through the selections of journal styles, I'm pretty overwhelmed....in a good way. XD
Pictures may dance about here everywhere but heck! I love experimenting with basic CSS and customizing styles to my liking. ^^

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 Should the worse of the circumstances happen and my old journal in another site is no more, I am creating my back-up here. I'm currently thinking if I should do an exodus from the old to the new.......
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And surprisingly, the reason why I'm eternally grateful that I am a regular customer and subscriber in a certain comic shop. The darn thing got sold out as quickly as it was released last week (LOL XD). 

Batman's greatest archenemy finally takes center stage a year after the New52's release, and is poised to wreak havoc on not just Batman but also his closest allies. And looking at this, Heath Ledger's Joker definitely pales in comparison to the current Joker's new (and bloody terrifying look):

(NOTE: I have to hide the cover under the cut due to it being too freaky to post in front ^^')

Are you prepared to see? )

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Maaaaan! I've just realized that it has been a very long time since I've last posted any Manika Manila meet pics here in my LJ. XDXDXD After acquiring a brand new camera this same month, it's about high time that I break the cycle and start posting my meet piccies again.......

Last Saturday, we held the meet in Haagen-Dazs - Shangri-la Mall branch. It used to be real famous ice-cream parlor but now on the verge of joining the other branches in closing down all over the Philippines. After this, the only chance that anyone can buy Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream here are in PriceSmart (and they will only come in containers, not scoops). So, here's to childhood *pauses in reflection*.

Anyways, here are the rest of the pics! XDXDXD

Here be more than 60 shots behind the cut >>> )
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After replacing my Canon Powershot A95 with Olympus Pen E-PL3, I couldn't resist taking pics of my dorries to test out its features. Thanks to the tilty-screen feature, it was almost as easy to use as my old camera. ^^

I was also thinking in the far future of creating a photostory that centers on Hisame's origins but the lack of the time (and creative juices) will probably delay the plot ^^'.

But heck! I just couldn't resist snapping along some pics and posting them here anyway XDXDXD:

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