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Tiangge Couture XDXDXD (by Reaiah, Eremiel & Hisame)

In addition to some of pics I posted yesterday from the last MM Tiangge, my resin crew is back together again. And this time, modelling some of the stuff bought from the event itself.
Sooo, without further ado......

First up is Hisame, donning the wizard/toga/??? (he barely took it off after wearing it, hehehe XDXDXD)

With the hood down and laces untied.

Aaand an extra for close-up X3

In the case of Eremiel,

....it was a sweet reunion between her and one of the outfits she used to wear in her "past life" XD

With a few additional trinkets, of course <3

And an extra (because I could not resist her "come hither" hands <3<3<3)

Finally, Reaiah in his mortal guise.

Modelling the Mistula MSD-size apparel  that fitted him perfectly. <3<3<3

Also with the "come hither" hands XD

Below are some extra shots with all three of them together:

Aaaaaaand some omake moments with Eremiel being......errrrr XDXDXD.....


Thanks for looking!!!